Stay Toasty With PBBJ, Sweet Cheese, And S'mores!

While our ice cream waffle on a hot plate is our main specialty, we have more desserts, like our thick toasts! We receive lot of questions about how our sweet toasts taste so keep reading for a short yummy intro!


Inspired by a popular childhood staple, our Peanut Butter Bacon and Jam (aka PBBJ) toast features a nostalgic spread of savoury peanut butter and sweet jam. The taste is elevated by the crunch of our candied bacon that's dipped in brown sugar and torched when served.

Sweet, smoky, and savoury, every bite of our PBBJ toast is full of flavour!

Sweet Cheese edit.JPG

Sweet Cheese

Our Sweet Cheese is a lesser-known gem of a dish that we highly recommend! We've been in love with brie cheese since our university days and enjoy its creamy flavour immensely. We broil the brie cheese in the oven and torch it when served. With its cheesy aroma and soft melting texture, along with fresh pear, jam, and nuts on the thick toast, we promise sweet and crunchy bites all in one dish!


Warning! The S'mores toast is Sweet Esc's sweetest dish! A must-try for Nutella lovers, we spread a thick layer of Nutella on the thick toast and top it with sliced marshmallows baked to a golden brown gradient. Sprinkled with crushed graham crackers and powdered sugar, the S'mores toast is delightfully sticky with a surprise texture.

Our S'mores toast was featured on TasteToronto and BlogTO!

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We All Scream For Ice Cream Sandwiches!

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