While Sweet Esc offers a sweet escape of dessert and drink, it was also a sweet beginning to those who helped make this dainty café a reality. The owner had a passion for baking but it was not a career goal she fervently pursued. In fact, she studied Linguistics and Health and Disease in university, making food for events when the occasion arose.

Opened by a group of friends, each brought diverse skills that made Sweet Esc a success. Both the restaurant’s menu designer and developer kickstarted their careers after their first projects at Sweet Esc. The owner, Sweet Esc's chef, now has an abundance of opportunity to brainstorm and create innovative artisan desserts and savoury items with fellow chefs.

Sweet Esc Dessert Cafe is a hidden gem for your sweet tooth nestled in a strip mall in Markham.
— BlogTO
Source: BlogTO

Source: BlogTO

Why Hot Plates?

An early version of our specialty hot plate dessert featured a default brownie base with ice cream. Tailoring to a range of sweet-toothed customers in our store meant rethinking our base options, which is why we now serve freshly-baked waffles with the option to swap out for the richer and more decadent brownie.

Choose your homemade ice cream, sauce, and toppings to customize each plate to your own exclusive taste.

All ice cream flavours and sauces are selected to complement each other.

Source: Zenventures

Source: Zenventures

I’m going to bold this because it’s very important: Sweet Esc has the best oolong ice cream I’ve ever had. And trust me — as far as Toronto goes, I’ve tried them all.
— Zenventures

Why Tea-Flavoured Ice Cream?

At Sweet Esc, we strive to create flavourful twists. The reason we use tea most often as our ice cream flavour is because it equalizes an ice cream's sweetness. This ensures that the taste will be enjoyable and not too dense.

All our ice cream is made in-house and churned in small batches. This lets us have more control over the flavour and quality. All our looseleaf tea is supplied by Tea Squared!

Fun Fact: Did you know that earl grey is our most in-demand ice cream flavour and also our owner's favourite tea?

We want you to feel welcome and comfortable in our space. We hope you will recall Sweet Esc as a café full of warm memories and quality artisan dessert. Come alone or with friends and family for a sweet escape!